About Us

Started in 1948, Rathnaa Talkies is one of the oldest cinema theatres in Pondicherry. We have continued to upgrade ourselves according to changing needs of times.

Even when we started, chairs and benches were bought from Bombay and ‘Sound Proof Celloxtax’ was fixed inside the auditorium, in order to offer excellent movie experience to our audience.

When we screened movies like ‘Ulagam Sutrum Valiban’ and ‘Sholay’ and ‘Enter the dragon’ which drew phenomenal crowd. These movies ran over 100 days and in Pondicherry it is a record till date.

The year 1967 was a time when there was very stiff competition among the then prevailing theatres. We then switched over to screening only English and Hindi movies in our theatre. We were the only theatre in South Arcot Region to screen movies by international film makers such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Columbia, MGM and Universal; all movies we screened were most welcome by our audience and created a good response.

At this juncture we upgraded our Sound system to offer our audience the ultimate sound experience. Accordingly we were the first to install Digital Sound System and also Qube. Both these additions drew a warm welcome from the audience. Our sound system has been hailed the best in Pondicherry and South Arcot.

Around the beginning of 2010, due to dynamic change in the climate, we converted our theatre into an Air-Conditioned one. Seats of the auditorium were also changed and carpets spread in the Box and Deluxe class, which created a good ambience. The theatre also has ample space for parking cars and two-wheelers of our audience.

Now in order to cater to the needs of our audience we are offering online booking.

Rathnaa Talkies continually works towards enhancing itself with the primary aim of offering its audience an excellent movie experience and value for the money they spend.

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